Year Round Sport of Choice …

There’s nothing like swinging inside!  (Especially in mis-matched princess heels!)


There’s nothing like swinging outside!  

Here’s to a swingin’ weekend!



3 responses to “Year Round Sport of Choice …

  1. Peggy Bernardis

    Love this!!!! Love you!!!!! “I do , I do, I do do do do do!” One of my best childhood memories is swinging from our huge Elm Tree on Montview, Your sweet Dad found the swing, which had 20 foot long chain links, at the park where he worked during a summer job!! Fun memories, love to see the “swingers” are continuing with this legacy.

  2. Officer Dibble

    I bet your dad could write a song about this …. oh wait, he did! “Swing, on my swing, through the air – with no care … “Sound familiar? The apple doesn’t fall far from their Grandpa’s tree.