We’re so arctic we eskimo kiss.  Next up, harpooning a whale.

Fake it ’till you make it,




10 responses to “Acclimating

  1. Very cute 🙂 Hope all is good with you in Alaska and thank you for blogging again:)

  2. Beautiful! ❤

  3. mama clarke


  4. road2clova

    Gorgeous did you take that pic?

    • It’s a phone photo! We are lying on the trampoline outside (yay!) and I just held my phone up and that was that! Well, then I did some photo shop processing stuff to mess with the colors and lighting and stuff … hope you have hot water!

  5. We do.. Jack has from plumbing onto electrical. The people that work in Home Depot are like family.

  6. jenna Capobianco

    one of the reasons secret limo is going to be a success. you are so creative and have such a great eye. can’t wait to book you prima! xoxo