My Pinterest Life vs. My Real Life

Don’t you love pinterest?! All my wildest dreams exist in my computer …mostly on my pinterst boards.  I’d been wanting to display all the kid artwork … an art wall with empty frames so the “work” can be interchanged and cycled in and out! Perfect!

Or, maybe wires and hanging clips … yes!  Now to look for wires and clips ..

Or, a magnetic chalk board wall! How dreamy! And then you can hang your work up via magnets and draw all over the walls! YES!

And, while I am pinning, dreaming, scheming, and surfing the web for frames, and paint for frames; or wire contraptions with clips; or magnetic chalkboard paint and the special foam rollers and special magnetic primer  …

And as I’ve been talking a great deal about the “art wall” or maybe we should make an artist-tree … the artwork sits in piles …

Until, in two point two seconds, Zoey got some tape. And that was that!

And you know what? I like it even better than anything I ever saw on pinterest.  Because good is good enough!  Especially if it’s done.

Even better than my dream life on pinterest? My real life on earth. Art wall and all.

My Real life > My Pintrest life.  True story.

I totally didn’t know it until Zoey got out the tape,



2 responses to “My Pinterest Life vs. My Real Life

  1. Officer Dibble

    Dear Arterella,

    A therapist would have a hey day with this mother/daughter “dreamer vs. doer” session. Tee Hee! But really, if you want to join Zoey, I can send you those wire pieces with clips, they are from IKEA. Also, I love that she is building her resume so soon. Perhaps she has a future at the Smithsonian? There is always a high demand for art installation experts.

    Love you and glad you are back writing.