We Interrupt This Blog

There’s Alaskarella.

After yesterday’s loquacious rant re: what we can’t do in the arctic (sorry, that was embarrassing); for the rest of the summer both via blog and internal dialogue, we will now be focusing on creating a unique, authentic Alaskan experience as only we CAN do here in Alaska.

That a girl, Alaskarella!

Starting with … Sunday we went on a day trip to Denali, ’twas beautiful.  More photos to come soon.


Happy Camper


10 responses to “We Interrupt This Blog

  1. road2clova

    This is a beautiful pic of you and the mountain. Can’t wait to hear and see more of your summer of adventure. Zoey & Lucy are having experiences in their childhood that they will remember forever.

  2. Yes! I am SO happy you finally made it to Denali! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Is that fur from a Hollister hoodie?!? Miss you! Love to all!

    • Actually, the fur is from a squirrel I skinned a few weekends ago … JK, it’s from my stylist! YOU! Thank you! It’s eskimo chic. 😉

      • (we’ve Denal’d a few times before this actually … what we have yet to do is the bus trip that you did there! Looking forward to doing that sometime maybe this summer)

  3. Katie, No need to apologize and you certainly weren’t ranting. I have been thinking about your post about your childhood summers. You have a way of writing that encourages me to think about life, memories, people…. Your parents must feel great that you grew up with so many wonderful memories and feelings about your childhood. As a parent you hope your kids grow up thinking life was wonderful. How can your kids not feel that way. They’ve so many people who love them and have such fun adventures. Remember, not everyone likes to swim. And….I love the picture of you at Denali.

  4. Monica moo

    Wow, Giselle!