The (Off, Off, Off, Way Off Broadway) Big Show!

It is so fun to be part of the town ballet.   “We are billed as “The Weekend’s BEST BET!”  announced the dance director as she waved the town paper over her head and fist pumped, “YES!”   The dancers shrieked in glee and jumped up and down amidst the hair and makeup frenzy of OPENING NIGHT!

After months of Peter Pan rehearsals it was finally time for the cast to circle up in the green room for a pre-show pep talk. Eeeps!

There’s no business, like …

Show Business!  These little stars are ready for a GREAT show!

These “London Stars”

are ready to SHINE!

Updating their facebook statuses to, “Wish me luck!,” and, “Just waiting for my curtain call!”

Ballet Buddies

Flitting the time away!

This little pixie is so darn cute.

Finally! London Stars! It’s go time! “We totally got this!”

I think we’re ready! SHOW TIME! (Glasses + Missing Teeth = killer combo).

And, off they marched silently towards stardom.  I slipped into the dark auditorium where I found Mitch with mesmerized Lucy sitting on his lap.  Lucy was in awe as Peter Pan summer-salted over his shadow.

Mitch rolled his eyes, but he was also smiling.

And then, Peter and Wendy slipped out the window and began to fly through the night.  Twinkling, familiar music filled the auditorium and …. all the little stars filled the stage.

Twinkling, twirling, and a face full of concentration — there was our little star!  Mitch squeezed my hand, Lucy yelled, “GO ZOEY!,” and for the next 33 seconds (and the rest of the evening), my smile almost cracked my face.

I couldn’t help but think that six years ago, to the weekend, I married Mitch with hopeful anticipation of moments exactly like this.   Our little star was beaming; so were her three biggest (and littlest) fans.

“We did it!” Shooting stars on stellar delight poured out of the stage door apres – uproarious – applause into a lobby full of cheers. (Small towns + parents make for the best audience!)

My little star on cloud 9. “Can we do this again sometime?” She asked. “I hope so.” I said. And we all smiled all the way home.

To my Northern Star and a lifetime of moments.

Shine On,



14 responses to “The (Off, Off, Off, Way Off Broadway) Big Show!

  1. Maureen Clarke

    Happy anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been six years! The weather is much more cooperative this year. I doubt that it will make it to Fairbanks but if it does, go see “First Position”. It’s about ballet dancers and their trials and tribulations. It’s really good! There is no weird “Black Swan” drama. Looking forward to seeing you and your dancers (Mitch too) soon!

  2. road2clova

    Happy Anniversary Katie & Mitch. You have had a whirlwind 6 years…filled with ups & down, but Zoey’s ballet performance is proof that you “done good”. Tell Zoey that she is beautiful, we are proud of her & wish we could have been there.

  3. Katie, How adorable is Zoey and her cute little friends! Isn’t it fun to watch your kids perform? I don’t think I made it through any of my kids’ performances with dry eyes. Happy Anniversary to you two as well. You’ve had an amazing six years and have had more adventures than most families ever have. I just spent the weekend in Denver. It’s ready and waiting for you.

  4. mama clarke

    Zoey is so cute! Love the outfit and headband! Her make-up artist did really well too. I can see her amazing eyelashes. I hope she will remember the dance moves for a mini performance July 7th.

  5. road2clova

    Katie…is she wearing some of the false eyelashes you wore to the big society event in Wellsboro (a.k.a. The carnival)?

  6. This makes my heart hurt, I love it!

  7. Renee Sanders

    I will never get tired of seeing and reading your posts….they always make my heart (and eyes) swell. What a wonderful gift you are giving your girls for their future, and a gift to yourself today, and all the days you write. Just lovely ! Wish I’d thought of it 🙂