Alaska Animal Sightings!

We just got back from a little trip to Alaska’s Big Apple!  Anchorage!  It is a 400 mile drive and took us aprox 9 hours – each way. Small bladder + fragile digestive system + potty trained toddler + car sick prone 5 yr old  = many squatty stops along the grassy highway (there aren’t any towns / rest stops in between the two towns) … We decided to call our journey a “squat-afari” and earnestly looked for wildlife at all times.  What did we see?!

Do you know who this foot belongs to? (Yes, I did take this photo and all the rest in this post. Just saying.)

I see a brown bear looking at me (gulp).

kind of a mangey one.

Hard to believe these guys stalk people!  We did not want to wake it up!

Do snow leopards live in Alaska?!  Um, are you on to me yet?

All but one of these photos were taken at the ZOO! After two days in the car driving through Denali and across the great vast land with nothing but wild in between two forlorn towns  … I’ve decided that whole Alaska = wild bears and big animals thing is a giant marketing ploy.

If you’re planning to see bears and wildlife in Alaska, you better make sure to stop at the zoo.  Just sayin.’

We bought a zoo (the movie, it was much more entertaining car ride material),



4 responses to “Alaska Animal Sightings!

  1. Really? You didn’t see anything in the wild? That’s a shame! I don’t think we ever went to Denali and didn’t see anything. We camped at the base of Mt. McKinley and saw bears, moose, and dall sheep every five minutes or so (during the day)! Scary. But also really awesome.

    • Really! We’ve been to Denali 5 times, and we’ve seen LOTS of moose (but we see them at our house too so, it wasn’t as exciting), and a caribou one time … but I’ve been looking for a wild bear forever and still waiting … someday … 🙂

  2. HA…I recognized some of these animals from when we took the girls to the zoo. Do you remember the adopted baby muskox that they were taking on a walk? Bet they are all grown up now.