Allergic / Not Allergic

So, our trip to Anchorage wasn’t just about a safari to the zoo (Although, that part was totally great).

The purpose of the trip was to determine if Lucy is allergic to strawberries.   The booming metropolis of Fairbanks isn’t home to many medical specialists, so if you have medical needs requiring a specialized doctor,  the Army funds your trip to the big city.

We were allocated two nights down South for one morning spent visiting with an allergist.

The allergist did a skin test on little Lu and confirmed that she isn’t allergic to strawberries.  Then, when we got home to Fairbanks, she ate a strawberry — and she is definitely allergic to strawberries!

So was that whole trip all for not?!  NOT!  Because she definitely isn’t allergic to…


Jumpin’ on the bed!

Taking in the spectacular Southern Alaska mountain-scapes from Alyeska Resort’s spectacular mountain-top!


floatin’ in the hot tub!

Chillaxin while waiting on room service…

Livin’ large!

Yes, she could definately get used to this.

It was the most ridiculous – and ridiculously fun – trip to the doctor I’ve ever been a part of.

So, who wants to go down to Anchorage to get tested to find out they don’t have an allergy to something they may actually be allergic to next?!

Me too!

I think I’m allergic to interior Alaska, we better get back down to Anchorage to get that checked out!, stat!

“No” to strawberries; “Yes” to everything in and about Anchorage,

Meet me in Southern  Alaska,*


(* I’ll be right here as soon as I’m finished with my dr apt.)


16 responses to “Allergic / Not Allergic

  1. Such cute pix. I agree with you 100%, there is no comparison between southern Alaska (loved the kenai peninsula) and Fairbanks (desolate and just not too pretty).

  2. mama clarke

    Those two girls in soft white robes – their mother’s daughters! Great visuals – what is that hotel called? So Beautiful

    • It’s called “The Dural” Oprah says there. Just kidding! It’s Alyeska. At the base of the ski mountain that got over 100 feet of snow this year .. wow.

  3. The picture of the girls toasting with their wine glasses is one of my favorite kid pics I have ever seen – you need to do something special with that one!!

    • Oh, thanks, Liz. We had fun taking those robe pics – well, I did anyway. Did you know you are living my dream? W/in walking distance to restaurants, kids museums, parks … people. Cheers to YOU!

  4. Oh, Alaskarella, you are just as witty and talented as the Boulderella I met many years ago! I have loved seeing Alaska through your eyes and look forward to seeing what adventures you and your adorable family will do next!
    Much love, Jen

    • Well, we’re thinking about a road trip to Vegas next ;). And a photo shoot at the Bellagio? What do you think? Can’t wait to see you soon!

  5. Looks like you guys had a great trip!! Sorry to hear it was due to Lucy being sick 😦 What a beautiful set of girls you have. Can’t wait to see them in action on July 7th! We are going to have so much fun!!

    Lots of love,

  6. PS not sure why I’m 1102mah….mmmmm

  7. Strawberry field-trips 4ever!

  8. Lucy and Zoey have the perfect sha-sha attitude in those robes. Yesshh darlinggg. Letsh go to the Ritzsh for the next getaway.

  9. AKrella – This has your name written all over it. Too bad the commute would be a doozy.