Father’s Day Musings

My aunts Libby, Mary, Patty, Great-Grandma Verne, and aunts Maureen and Peggy hail the King, my Grandpa Phil, wishing him a Happy Father’s Day!

My favorite guest blogger, my Grandma Doris, is today’s featured contributor!  

Same as the piece that was featured on Mother’s Day this year; this piece was discovered as we compiled “Stories of A Lifetime,” a book by and in honor of Doris Jean O’Brien Clarke. 

This particular piece wasn’t featured in the book (perhaps we cut too much? Volume II?).     

It’s always a treat for me to “hear” her voice, and this particular piece seems the perfect prose from her in honor of Father’s Day today…

Father’s Day – 1985

Fathers I Have Known

It would seem appropriate that I would begin by describing my own father.  This has been addressed and unfortunately I find that I know more about other fathers.  My father loved me dearly, provided for me generously, taught me, teased me, fought with me, but never seemed comfortable with his fatherhood.  When I was younger I used to think that it would have been easier had I been a son, but now I believe that it would have been the same – or perhaps even more difficult for him and certainly so for a son.

Since both of my grandfathers died before I was born, I relate more to my husband and sons as the fathers in my life.  Being a physician and financially responsible for eleven offspring did not permit my husband opportunity for much nurturing contact.   Add to this the fact that fathers of my husband’s generation quite generally did not participate in the day to day care of their children.  My husband’s influence was as a role model.

Now to focus on my sons in their paternal role.  This modern day father takes “parenting” very seriously.  This includes the feeding and the total care of their children from infancy to independence.  It’s wonderful to observe Ted with Nicholas.  It seems natural for him to take his one year old cross country on a plane, or for Bernie to prepare dinner – well serve Burger King at least, while Janel joins the girls for soccer.  Steve will take all three children on a camping trip.  Philip plays “Mr. Mom.”  It’s great to see these fathers so openly affectionate with their children.

The children, their mothers and most certainly the fathers are richer because of the involvement of fathers as total parents and I’m delighted to witness this development.

To be a grandparent is grand.  To be the parent of good parents is even grander.


Isn’t SHE grand?!  Happy Father’s Day. 

With Love,



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  1. I almost had to call Grandma out… I’m glad she qualified her idea of dad preparing dinner. 39 cent cheeseburger night and Arby’s 5 for $5 are definitely in his wheel house.

  2. Thanks for this one too, Rella…