Off Like a Spray Tan

Quick! Close the computer! My Eyes!

This photo says it all … including …

– How did I get so tan?

– Do I need a license to carry these guns?

– Did I really pay for that hair color job?

– “My mom is so embarrassing, I’m about to jump ship.”

– Legs / leggings?

– I thought it was the land of the midnight SUN.



*** Yep, we are on our way!  We’ll be back toward the end of July with lots of tails to tell.  In the meantime, stay out of the sun (see photo for inspiration) and please point me toward the best spray tan in town.

Northern most Geisha is Denver Bound!,


In case I scarred, your retnia … here’s a little chaser to help wash that plucked chicken image right out of your mind.

Be well.


4 responses to “Off Like a Spray Tan

  1. That is exactly how I’m going to look in a few months 🙂 It’s funny that you are heading to Denver from Fairbanks right about the time when we are heading to Fairbanks from Denver!

  2. What I saw in that picture was the exact opposite of what you wrote about. I saw a mom totally out of her element and handling it with perfection. You are in a kayak/canoe with two young kids in life jackets, are you kidding? That is something I can say I wouldn’t even consider attempting… but you’re doing it because that’s an awesome thing to do in Alaska. Best of all for me is the coffee cup next to you – that is what gives me the inspiration to parent a little more out of my comfort zone … as long as my Starbucks is by my side giving me the comfort and security I need. You are loved for much more than spray tans and dye jobs my dear; if that is what matters in life, I am in BIG trouble these last few years (well, always, but especially these last few years). Have a great trip – perhaps we’ll finally cross paths although I’m sure both of our schedules will be nearly impossible to synch… xoxo

  3. So glad you you’re here! See you soon…

  4. As always, your writing & humor is awesome. 🙂